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Rain Design introduces iLevel and iWoofer at Macworld 2006

Jan 2006

Rain Design introduces iLevel adjustable height laptop stand and iWoofer iPod speaker at Macworld 2005.
Rain Design iLevel. It even swings with your moods. Simply drag the slider to adjust your notebook screen height to suit your eye level. iLevel makes it easy to change height whenever you shift position. iLevel transforms your notebook into a dynamic and stylish workstation.
Rain Design iWoofer. Listen to your music in their true colors. Introducing iWoofer®, the fresh and radical iPod speaker system. iWoofer's unique pair of Titanium drivers plus downfiring subwoofer provide a well balanced sound with clear treble and right bass. iWoofer is designed to make a striking impression for the eye as well as the ear, with unique combination of features like downfiring subwoofer and the smallest ipod speaker with radio. By elevating your iPod, iWoofer also makes viewing your favorite videos a pleasure. iWoofer distinctive sci-fi yet friendly looks matches your fun loving lifestyle and let you share with all to enjoy.