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mStand360 with swivel base transforms your notebook into a stylish and stable workstation so you can work comfortably and share ideas with others spontaneously at the push of a finger.

Rain Design
  • Swivel base lets you share your ideas with friends and coworkers.
  • Solid single piece aluminum design provides stability.
  • Aluminum cools your notebook by acting as heat sink.
  • Tilt design brings notebook screen closer to you.
  • Tilt design improves the airflow of your notebook.
  • Anodized aluminum matches MacBooks.
  • Cable outlet keeps your desk organized.
  • Space to stash keyboard.
  • Fits all MacBooks and compatible with most notebooks.


  • A great stand for your MacBook. A new feature over the original is the swivel stand.

    - Macworld UK -
  • Build quality of the Rain Design mStand 360 is first class. This inspired piece of aluminium deserves gold.

    - -
  • An unique feature of the mStand 360 is the ability to swivel the stand a full 360 degrees.

    - -


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Width: 10 inches (253 mm)

Height: 6 inch (154 mm)

Depth: 7.5 inches (190 mm)

Weight: 3.6 pounds (1.63 kg)


What is the difference between mStand and mStand360 Laptop?

As compared with the mStand, mStand360 has a very low profile 360 degrees swivel base hidden at the bottom. The mStand360 swivel feature allows the laptop screen to be shared easily between 2 people for enhanced interactivity such as business co-workers or clients and customers.

Is the mStand and mStand360 interchangable?

No. The base construction is different. The mStand360 has ball bearings embedded into the body. Thus mStand cannot be converted to mStand360 and vice versa.

How stable is the mStand?

The mStand is extremely stable because it has a large base support of 7.5 inches x 10 inches. (190mm x 253 mm).

Does it feel flimsy and does it bounce when typing on it?

mStand/mStand360 is sturdy and has least movement when typing compared to other similar products. This is because it is made of a single solid aluminum plate (not strip) that is forged (not casted) at the edges to give extra strength. The mStand thickness of 1/10 inch (2.5mm) is similiar to the thickness of a dinner plate, but only much harder as it is made of metal.

Will a 17" MacBook Pro sit securely on the mStand/mStand360?

Yes, the mStand is big enough for the 17" MacBook Pro to sit securely on it.

Will the aluminum surface scratch my notebook?

No, it won't. This is because the mStand/mStand360 is fully padded with thick rubber feet so that no part of the notebook actually touches the aluminum surface.

What is the size of the back cable management hole?

The back cable management hole is 2" diameter.