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The new iMac matching stand.

mBase minimalistic stand sits discreetly under your iMac and raises the screen so you can work more comfortably. Its white aluminum body color-matches iMac's white bezel, keyboard and mouse perfectly, while complementing all of the seven iMac colors.

Rain Design
  • Perfect footprint integrates seamlessly with the iMac 24-inch.
  • Built-in drawer stores your gadgets and keeps your desk tidy.
  • Grooved rim secures the iMac.
  • Back outlet facilitates cable management.


  • It is very simple, but very useful. The real power of the mBase comes from using it on a daily basis.

    - Macsources -
  • There are very few manufacturers that succeed in engineering their products with Apple’s design aesthetic in mind. Rain Design gets it. mBase is an excellent example.

    - Mymac -
  • What makes the mBase’s drawer especially useful is that it includes cable-management holes in the front and back...

    - Macworld -


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Width: 5.1 inches (130 mm)

Height: 2 inches (50 mm)

Depth: 5.8 inches (147 mm)

Weight: 1.54 pounds (700 g)


Can the Studio Display be used on mBase?

The Studio Display has a larger display and footprint than the iMac. Therefore the mBase is not compatible with the Studio Display.