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It even swings with your moods.

Adjusting height has never been easier: simply drag iLevel’s slider to rise or lower screen height to suit different individual ergonomics. iLevel transforms your notebook into a dynamic and stylish workstation.

Rain Design
  • Unique angle-adjustable sliding mechanism ensures you get the precise viewing angle easily.
  • Aluminum base cools your notebook by acting as heat sink.
  • Tilt design brings screen closer and improves notebook airflow.
  • Anodized aluminum matches Macbooks.
  • Space to stash keyboard.
  • Fits all Macbooks and compatible with most notebooks.


  • The screen height can easily be changed when they shift position just by sliding the knob on the front.

    - MyMac -
  • We looked at 34 models and tested 11 of them, and we found that the Rain Design iLevel2 works best for the widest range of people and laptops.

    - TheWireCutter -
  • iLevel2 badass laptop stand. I dig this thing.

    - TechnologyTell -


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Width: 10.1 inches (256 mm)

Height: 5.4-7.9 inches (136-200 mm)

Depth: 8.8 inches (223 mm)

Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg)


Is iLevel compatible with other notebooks?

iLevel is compatible with all notebooks.

How easy it is to adjust the screen height of the notebook on iLevel?

It’s easy. You simply drag the slider on the iLevel and the height of your notebook screen will change.