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Stay cool. Wherever.

iLap is a versatile stand that keeps your laptop and your lap cool. The hinged cushion offers flexibility so you can use your laptop in different positions comfortably. iLap works perfectly on your desk too.

Rain Design
  • Raises screen better ergonomics.
  • Works on both lap and desk.
  • Soft foam cushions support give you hours of comfort. Removable for portability.
  • Aluminum base cools your notebook by acting as heat sink.
  • Anodized aluminum matches Macbooks.
  • Cable outlet keeps your desk organized.
  • Fits all Macbooks and compatible with most notebooks.


  • If you want a stand that is as aesthetically pleasing as functional, you can’t beat Rain Design’s iLap and mStand.

    - -
  • The iLap looks even more expensive than it is. This is the most versatile laptop stand you can buy.

    - Laptop Mag -
  • iLap works better in a comfy chair, sofa, or bed simply because it moves with you.

    - MacAddict -
  • The iLap is easily the most comfortable in-lap solution that I have ever tried, bar none.

    - the-gadgeteer -


13-inch model:

Width: 12.8 inches (325 mm)

Height: 2.5 inches (64 mm)

Depth: 8.9 inches (226 mm)

Weight: 1.3 pounds (590 g)

15-inch model:

Width: 14.1 inches (358 mm)

Height: 2.5 inches (64 mm)

Depth: 9.6 inches (244 mm)

Weight: 1.4 pounds (635 g)

17-inch model:

Width: 15.4 inches (391 mm)

Height: 2.5 inches (64 mm)

Depth: 10.2 inches (259 mm)

Weight: 1.6 pounds (726 g)


Why isn’t the iLap taller for better viewing?

iLap is not only designed for desk use only but also catered for lap use as well. Thus tilting the iLap higher would be too uncomfortable on the wrists when used on the lap.

The front cushion is detachable, but is the back cushion removable?

The back cushion is not detachable. The front cushion is detachable for switching between lap work and desk work, but the back cushion should remain for either use.

Can I buy replacement cushion for the iLap?

Yes, you can buy replacement cushion for the iLap by clicking here.

What does the number beside the iLap (e.g. iLap 15"W) mean?

The iLap is named similarly to the notebooks by referencing it after the screen size. For example, iLap 15"W is designed for a 15" widescreen laptop. It does not mean that the width of the iLap is 15".

What am I paying for?

Aluminum is chosen for its light weight, elegance and higher heat conductivity (compared to steel and plastic), although the cost of aluminum is 4 times more than plastic and 2 times more than steel. In addition, luxury velvet is chosen to give the ultimate comfort and style. Given all these, the iLap is set at the affordable prices of $49.90-$69.90.